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Revolutionize backup
  • Read and write simultaneously for faster data transfers

  • Copy only added files to increase storage efficiency

  • Create a device that eliminates user errors and ensures secure data backup

ClauZen's innovative approach to backup devices creates a meaningful difference in technology

Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds
with X-Copy Technology

ClouZen's X-Copy Technology enables lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s by reading memory card data and writing to drives simultaneously, ensuring efficient and reliable backups.

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Data Integrity

We ensure the integrity of your backup data through a verification process that compares the original and copied files, both for local backups and cloud services. Additionally, our Integrity Backup feature can resume transferring data even if network instability causes a transfer interruption during cloud uploads.


With ClouZen's preview function, users can verify their photos and videos directly on the LCD screen, offering peace of mind and stronger security against user errors. Even 8K videos can be previewed with ease.


ClouZen's backup technology is designed to efficiently manage limited storage capacity. With sequential copy, ClouZen copies the data from multiple memory cards in sequence, reducing the need for users to manually initiate the copy process for each individual card.


Additionally, with incremental copy, ClouZen saves only the updated data from previously backed up memory cards, optimizing storage space efficiency and reducing the need for redundant backups.

Aluminum Surface

The solid design of aluminum case fits with cameras and other devices with an easy access to internal memory storage.

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Changing Backup Paradigm

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