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Memory Cards Backup:

the Most Convenient and Secure Way!

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The Ultimate Backup Solution
"ClouZen TAINER"

With ClouZen TAINER, you can enjoy fast, secure, and hassle-free backups on at any shooting site. As your indispensable companion on the set, TAINER safeguards your precious data.

Now, focus solely on your shooting!



Secure Storage On-the-Go

Prevents unauthorized access, even when the SSD is removed and connected externally.

Upgrade for free!

Secure your data with our latest firmware.

Don't worry at all.

Reliable and Swift Backup

Our patented X-Copy technology copies data from memory cards at speeds of up to 400MB/s, ensuring the integrity of your data.

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Small but a Big Difference

The Ultimate Portable Backup Device

With TAINER, you can easily back up your data outdoors or on the go. Lighten your load when heading to the shooting location and back up effortlessly from anywhere.

Embrace Hybrid Backup: Local, External, and Cloud

Cloud Connectivity

TAINER not only allows backups to the internal SSD and external storage but also supports cloud backup. With these double and triple backup options, it ensures the absolute safety of your shooting data.



"ClouZen TAINER is one of the best  solutions for backing-up your footages."

Alexandru Don

Video Creator

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"Ultimate Back-up Solutions For Filmmakers & Photographers."

Punit Sabnani

Video Creator

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"It's fast, portable, reliable and a crucial addition to the kit for any creative."

Nomad Media

Film Production Company

  • Youtube

"최고의 휴대용 백업장치 클라우젠 테이너 - 1인 크리에이터라면 필수품!"



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Don't wait!
Get TAINER now to protect your valuable data from potential loss.

ClouZen guarantees fast and secure global delivery via DHL Express. 
Explore our network of authorized ClouZen resellers near your location.

"Search Google 'ClouZen Tainer' to see reviews."

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