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Portable All-in-One Backup Solution

ClouZen TAINER takes away the worries and hassle of backups. No need for a laptop, card readers, external hard drive, or cables. With dual backup, preview, and cloud backup, one versatile TAINER is all you need. Recognized by professionals, ClouZen TAINER is the essential companion for any shooting location!


The TAINER is not just portable but also crafted for easy and convenient operation. It can independently manage diverse backup tasks, featuring world-class, high-speed, and secure backup technology. Dive into a realm of 'simple, fast, powerful, and secure' backups, free from data loss concerns.

Inside of Package

Inside view of TAINER package showcasing the compact and efficient design for on-the-go data backup.


Silicon Case

WIFI Dongle

USB-C Cable



Versatile Memory Card Support: TAINER is compatible with various memory cards for flexible data storage.

Memory Card Support

Cloud Backup Integration: TAINER seamlessly connects with cloud services for secure and accessible data backup.

Cloud Backup

Swift and Secure: TAINER ensures fast and safe data backup for peace of mind.

Safe & Fast Backup

Preview Your Backups: TAINER allows you to preview your backups for added confidence and control.


Easy Mobile Backup: TAINER ensures secure data backup for your phone on the go.

Mobile Phone Backup

Easy to Carry: TAINER, your all-in-one backup device, ensures convenience wherever you go.


Reliable Power: TAINER's internal battery ensures continuous data protection wherever you go.

Internal Battery

Group 3426 복사 1.png

All-in-One Backup Solution

The TAINER doesn't just stop at its internal SSD; it's equipped with dedicated slots for SD cards, XQD, and CFexpress memory cards. Beyond that, it seamlessly links up with a range of devices—memory card readers, external hard drives, smartphones, and computers—via versatile USB ports. What's more, it facilitates network connections through Wi-Fi or tethering, providing access to cloud services. Thanks to its high-capacity built-in battery, the TAINER ensures hassle-free backups whether you're outdoors or on the go. Offering data backup functionality for all connected devices sets the TAINER apart.

ren_1 7.png

Compact and Lightweight

With a weight of 196g and dimensions of 106 x 74.3 x 24mm, the ClouZen TAINER fits seamlessly into camera bags, backpacks, and even pockets. You won't need to carry a separate laptop, external hard drive, XQD reader, SD card reader, or cables. With a size smaller than a typical mobile phone, the TAINER makes outdoor backups effortlessly simple.


Cloudable Connectivity

The ClouZen TAINER provides access to cloud services anywhere through LAN, Wi-Fi, and smartphone tethering. Safeguard your data through triple protection with cloud uploads, enabling real-time collaboration with colleagues worldwide. Currently, it supports OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


On-Site Video Editing

The ClouZen TAINER adopts a USB 3.1 Type-C port, allowing high-speed data transfer. You can seamlessly perform direct editing by connecting it to a computer, laptop, or MacBook. In this scenario, the TAINER functions as an external SSD, complementing the limited storage space of laptops and MacBooks.

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Backup, ClouZen's Middlename

Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds

X-Copy Tech: Rapid data transfer at 400MB/s for swift, efficient backups versus standard methods.
Comparison Table: See the differences between laptop, TAINER, and external SSD at a glance.

ClouZen's Technology

ClouZen boasts cutting-edge technologies that ensure top-notch backups, including the exceptional X-Copy technology supporting ultra-fast copying at up to 400MB/s. Other powerful features include bit-verification, sequential backup, incremental copying, as well as advanced photo and video encoding technologies, all guaranteeing the integrity and security of your backup data.

Sequential Backup: Ensures organized data copying for efficient data management and retrieval.

When you connect various types of memory cards simultaneously, the TAINER automatically backs up SD cards, XQD/CFexpress cards, and USB memory cards in sequence. ClouZen's sequential backup technology streamlines the backup process for shoots involving multiple memory cards.

Camera to Local Backup Workflow

Seamless Workflow: TAINER streamlines your process from shooting to editing, ensuring efficiency at every step.

Local Backup

The TAINER remains true to the essence of backup. It can back up memory cards to the internal SSD, and by connecting an external storage device (SSD, HDD, docking station, etc.) to the USB, you can export copies. Moreover, you can also create copies by connecting the TAINER to a computer, laptop, or MacBook.

local backup.png

Smartphone Backup

The TAINER backs up photos and videos stored in the DCIM folder of your smartphone. Users can choose their desired options, copying only photos, only videos, or both. Additionally, the backup period can be selected from options like all, the past week, or the day of shooting.


The TAINER simultaneously backs up data from the memory card to the internal SSD and external storage. Leveraging this multi-backup feature allows you to create two copies in different locations at once. Furthermore, you can later create another copy in a different location through cloud upload.

clouder backup.png

Cloud Backup

The TAINER provides various network connection options. It can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, smartphone tethering and hotspots, and Ethernet. With these options, you can upload to the cloud without the need for a laptop docking.

Clouder App

Leverage the Clouder app to conveniently access key TAINER functions through your smartphone. Tasks like copying files between media, duplicating folders, and renaming become straightforward.

☞ Search for the 'Clouzen Clouder' app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

clouzen app.png
rapid process.png

Seamless Workflow

Upon returning to your editing workstation after a shoot, connect TAINER to your editing computer. In this mode, TAINER operates as an external SSD, allowing you to perform correction and editing tasks without transferring files to the computer.

Design & Form Factor


Rechargeable via USB Type-C cable
3 hours with charger, 5 hours via USB from computer

Battery Runtime
Up to 2 hours from card to internal SSD
Up to 3 hours from card to Cloud

Intenral Battery
3.8V, 3500mAh

Operating Power
5 ~ 7W

Power Input
USB Type-C, 5V. Min 1.8A

Video Preview
XAVC 4K, XAVC 2K, AVC Ultra 4K, AVC Ultra 2K, XF-AVC 4K, XF-AVC 2K, H.264 (.mov), AVCHD 2K, PRORES 4K, PRORES 2K, DNXHD 2K, MPEG 444/422/420, DVCPRO HD

Photo Preview

File System
Memory card: FAT32, exFAT, UDF, HFS+
Internal drive: exFAT

Cloud Service
Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more

Computer I/F
USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps. USB Mass Storage Class

Internal Drive
M.2 SATA SSD up to 32TB (optional) 
* M.2 2280 form factor required

USB External Drive
USB 3.0 Type-A Host Port
* exFAT format required

Memory Card
SD UHS-II (up to 270MB/s)
XQD / CFexpress Type-B (up to 400MB/s)
USB 3.0 card reader (up to 300MB/s)

Ambient Temperature
up to 45 Celsius

Built-in Display
2.4" TFT, 320×240, 64K color

196g / 7oz

106 × 74.3 × 24mm / 4.17 x 2.92 x 0.94 inch

WiFi Dongle (802.11b/g/n)
USB Tethering (Android/iPhone)

1. WD Blue SA510 SATA SSD M.2 2280 2TB (WDS200T3B0B)
2. Transcend 830s series 2TB (TS2TMTS830S)
3. Transcend 830s series 4TB (TS4TMTS830S)
4. SAMSUNG : 860 EVO Series

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