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Release Note

  • Ver2.01 (2024.02.01)
      - (APP mode) Simplify copy path
        * Save selected folders and files to the top level of the target folder
      - (APP mode) Add multi-file selection and deletion feature
      - Other bug fixes

  • Ver2.00 (2023.12.29)
      - Add support for copying video and photo data from mobile phones
        * Support for connecting both Android phones and iPhones
      - Modification to perform Security Erase when formatting
      - Add support for videos and photos
        * phone videos (H.264)
        * iPhone DNG format
      - Add support for network firmware updates
      - Other bug fixes.

  • Ver1.20 (2023.10.12)
      - Improvement in the verification process speed
        * Achieved over 50% faster performance compared to the previous version.
      - Enhancement of SSD compatibility
      - Other bug fixes.

  • Ver1.11 (2023.07.24)
      - Add a warning message display when the internal SSD is not a SATA SSD.
        * If NVMe SSD is installed, please change to M.2 SATA SSD.

  • Ver1.10 (2023.07.19)
      - Add support for the multi-copy function.
        * With one operation, you can copy memory cards to two different SSDs. 
      - Add Support for memory cards formatted in HFS / UDF
      - Add support for Cloud Storage.
        * You can conveniently copy memory card data to Google Drive and Dropbox, including OneDrive.
      - Added integration with the Tainer management app, 
        * ClouZen Clouder must be installed from the app store.
        * Operate Tainer through the app.
          View the status and content of all devices connected to Tainer.
          Copy data between devices connected to Tainer.
      - Changed user folder naming rule.
        * User-input folder name + '_' + three-digit number (e.g., UserName_001). 
      - Other bug fixes.

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