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A Candid Letter from a Kkondae: Backup Tips for Your Sony Camera


When I heard that you shoot with a Sony camera using CFX-A type memory cards, I couldn't help but think you might have to give up the convenience of your usual backup method. Was there any other way besides connecting a CFX-A card reader to the laptop with a cable? Moreover, it must have been a risky 'copy-paste' method.

Is that all? Genuine card readers are quite pricey, so if you use a more affordable compatible product, there's always the anxiety of errors during backup. I started worrying if you're giving up on backup itself and leaving the safety of your data to chance.

However, I heard some good news that might solve the inconvenience and anxiety about backup for Sony camera users like you. It seems that ClouZen TAINER CFX-A Pack, portable all-in-one multifunctional backup system, has been released.

ClouZen was founded by developers from NextoDI, known for creating the world's best backup devices, so needless to say, their technical expertise is top-notch. The TAINER, an improved product in many aspects from those times, has been released, and it seems they've even lowered the price.

Isn't there a reason not to get it? Your dedication to photography, Kim, is commendable. However, do remember that neglecting backup can lead to significant consequences.

Best regards,


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