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Another Innovation: TAINER Firmware V. 2.00 Released

The ClouZen TAINER's firmware version 2.00 has been released. With this major update, significant improvements have been made in the stability, versatility, and convenience of TAINER.

The most noticeable change is the capability for mobile data backup. In reality, TAINER has supported mobile backups since its previous versions. When you connect TAINER to your smartphone via the USB C-type port, it appears as an external storage device in the phone's file manager app, allowing you to view and copy photos and videos. In this case, the smartphone acts as the host.

In firmware version 2.00, mobile backup support has been enhanced, making it even more convenient.

Connect your smartphone to TAINER's USB A-type port and select the phone connection on the TAINER screen. You can then back up the DCIM folder from your phone to TAINER. During this process, you have options to back up only photo files, only video files, or both photo and video files. Moreover, you can choose a specific period, such as the last day, the last week, or the entire duration. In other words, you can selectively back up files like 'Copy only video files shot in the last week.' Additionally, TAINER's mobile backup is an incremental copy, meaning it only copies newly added files.

In today's world, where smartphone storage capacities are increasing, many people store cherished memories on their phones. The option to selectively back up files based on time and type proves to be useful from a privacy perspective.

Please note that when you connect your smartphone to TAINER's USB A port, it draws power from TAINER's built-in battery, so it's safer to connect TAINER to a power source.

For more details on the improvements made in firmware 2.00, refer to the release notes at the link below.

One more thing to mention is that starting from firmware 2.00, a new network-based firmware update method has been introduced. This means TAINER can now download and update to the latest firmware over the internet. Firmware updates have become more convenient than ever.

ClouZen is committed to providing a more convenient and secure backup solution.

Thank you

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