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Ensuring Secure Backup with ClouZen TAINER - An In-depth Overview


ClouZen TAINER is renowned for its exceptional performance and multiple layers of data safety. In this blog post, we will delve into the six reasons why TAINER is a powerful and reliable backup tool, gaining global acclaim among photographers, filmmakers, and anyone in need of a secure backup solution.

Multiple Copies for Added Redundancy:

TAINER's unique "Multi-copy" feature simultaneously creates duplicates of your data on both the internal SSD and external SSD/HDD. This approach, which utilizes separate file systems on two independent storage devices instead of RAID, ensures independent copies. Additionally, you have the option to upload copies to the cloud, resulting in three backup copies for enhanced redundancy.

Real-time Job Feedback:

Upon completing a backup, TAINER provides detailed backup result summary reports with audible notifications. Even if the screen is turned off for power-saving purposes or due to low battery, TAINER promptly displays the results of the previous backup job once the screen is turned back on. No more waiting in front of your laptop to verify the success of the backup.

Smart Backup Recognition:

TAINER swiftly identifies whether a memory card has been previously backed up or if it's a new card when inserted. This eliminates the risk of inadvertently missing backups, particularly in fast-paced shooting environments with multiple memory cards. Furthermore, reinserting a previously backed-up memory card gives you the choice to compare and verify the integrity of the existing backup with the current data or perform a fresh backup. This flexibility streamlines your backup management.

Powerful Data Verification:

After a backup is complete, TAINER can automatically verify the integrity of the original and copied data. Even if you reinsert an already-backed-up memory card, you have the option to initiate this verification. Unlike simple checksum comparisons, TAINER performs a meticulous bit-level comparison to ensure an exact match between the original and copied data.

Preview Functionality:

TAINER offers a convenient preview feature, enabling you to visually confirm the accuracy of your backed-up videos and photos. It supports a wide range of camera-captured video formats, excluding H.265, RED, and SONY RAW, as well as most camera-captured photo formats, including RAW. Please note that some videos and photos captured by smartphones may not be supported.

High-Speed External SSD Operation:

When connected to a computer or laptop, TAINER functions as a high-speed external SSD utilizing USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) connectivity. It also includes a smartphone connection mode for seamless compatibility. Each backup operation creates a new folder, preserving the original data's directory structure.


ClouZen TAINER presents a robust and secure backup solution. Its comprehensive features, including multi-copy functionality, real-time feedback, smart backup recognition, automated data verification, preview functionality, and high-speed external SSD operation, are all meticulously designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your backup. TAINER caters not only to professional photographers and filmmakers but also to anyone seeking a reliable backup solution. With TAINER, you can have 100% peace of mind, knowing that your data is securely protected.

We invite you to explore the world of ClouZen TAINER and join the community dedicated to data security and peace of mind. Experience the exceptional features and reliability of TAINER by visiting our website at Discover why photographers, filmmakers, and individuals around the globe trust TAINER for their backup needs. Don't compromise on the safety of your valuable data—choose ClouZen TAINER and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind.
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