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Tainer 3.0 Firmware Update - Enhanced Security and Convenience

On the first anniversary of Tainer's launch, Clouzen is proud to announce the third major firmware update, Tainer 3.0, reflecting valuable feedback from our customers! Through continuous product innovation and customer input, Clouzen is establishing itself as a trusted brand.

The most significant feature of Tainer 3.0 is its greatly enhanced data security. Protecting our customers' precious data has been our top priority. With this update, Tainer becomes the world's first lockable backup storage. Even in case of loss or theft, your data remains secure from leakage.

Of course, Tainer's signature easy backup functionality remains unchanged. In fact, it has become even more convenient with improved compatibility and bug fixes. It now connects with a wider range of devices, further enhancing the user's stable backup experience.

Tainer's portability and ease of use, packed into a small and lightweight design with powerful backup technology, stays the same. Now you can protect your data easily and reliably, wherever you are. We want to deliver an even better experience to our customers who have been with Tainer for the past year through the 3.0 update.

Firmware 3.0 is scheduled for official release on July 1st. Anyone can update for free from Tainer's settings menu. Simply download the new firmware via built-in SSD, memory card, or network, and execute the update with ease.

The release is just around the corner. Check out Clouzen's webpage and SNS channels for more detailed information on Tainer 3.0.

Your voice is always the driving force behind Clouzen. We will continue to reciprocate with the best products and services.

Thank you.


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(19. 6.)

This is exciting to see!

Are there any wifi performance improvements coming?

Any support for other cloud services such as a generic FTP server for uploading to a NAS? Either of these would be a large help when traveling.

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