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Your ultimate backup solution - TAINER
The ultimate portable data backup solution
for photographers and videographers

Key Features

Versatile Storage Media Support

TAINER supports a range of storage media, including SD cards, CFexpress/XQD cards, and USB-connected memories and drives.

Cloud Backup Capability

Multi-functional backup device, TAINER provides not only local backup to SSD and USB, but also online backup to popular cloud storage services, ensuring your data is always securely backed up.

Fast, Error-Free
File Transfer

TAINER's patented X-Copy Technology ensures lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s and 100% data integrity.


TAINER's preview feature let you check your photos and videos on the built-in LCD, ensuring secure backup immediately at the shooting location.

Connectivity with Smartphones

CLOUDER, TAINER's smartphone app, lets you manage and transfer data between your phone and TAINER's internal SSD or external USB drive for seamless backup.


TAINER's compact design and light weight (196g, 106×74.3×24mm) make it the perfect backup solution for photographers and videographers on the go. 

Portable Backup Made Easy

With TAINER's built-in memory card slot and patented X-Copy Technology,

you can easily and quickly backup your data without any additional equipment. Simplify your gear and focus on your creativity with TAINER.


Compact and Lightweight, yet All-in-One Backup Solution

Portable Design for Professionals on-the-go

Weighing only 196g and measuring 106 x 74.3 x 24mm, TAINER easily fits into a camera bag, backpack, or even a pocket. With TAINER, you can enjoy reliable data backup without the hassle of additional devices such as laptops, external hard drives, XQD readers, and SD card readers. Simply use TAINER, and your backup is complete.

Versatile Backup Solution with Seamless Connectivity

TAINER supports not only internal SSD, XQD/CFexpress cards, SD cards, USB memory cards, and external HDD/SSD, but also cloud services, computers/laptops, and smartphones for mutual backup management of data stored anywhere. TAINER also has excellent compatibility with cameras and camera peripheral devices.

Expandable Storage Space

Easily upgrade your storage capacity with TAINER's replaceable internal SSD, providing customizable storage options of up to 32TB. Never worry about running out of space again while capturing your precious moments.

Self-Powered Design for Backup Anywhere

With its large-capacity internal battery (3500mAh), TAINER can perform backups even in outdoor environments where external power sources are not available. It can back up more than 1TB of data on a single charge and can be easily recharged using a portable battery when the internal battery is depleted.

Check the Backup Progress in Real-time

The TAINER's built-in LCD screen provides real-time updates on the backup progress, allowing you to visually confirm the detailed information on the backed-up data, and preview to ensure that the backup is successful and data is intact. This feature ensures reliable backup results and prevents mistakes.


Leave your
laptop at home

A Lightweight and Powerful Alternative to Laptops !

TAINER is a compact and lightweight backup solution that has everything you need for reliable backups. Say goodbye to carrying heavy laptops on your shoots and experience the convenience of TAINER.


It's a lightweight alternative that takes complete responsibility for backups, eliminating the need for laptops and providing you with a new world of backup solutions.

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Don't wait to lose your valuable data. Get TAINER today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, easy, and hassle-free backups on the go.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds with X-Copy Technology.

ClouZen's X-Copy Technology realizes lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s. This cutting-edge technology ensures fast and powerful backup, providing users with more time and flexibility to focus on shooting tasks.

ClouZen's state-of-art technology ensures
fast, convenient, efficient, and reliable backup.

Easy and Convenient Data Backup

One-click Backup Completion 

Insert a memory card into TAINER, select the backup location such as internal SSD, external storage, or cloud, and simply press the button to start a high-speed backup. You can immediately check the result. Easily complete various backups with just one button click!

Maximize Your TAINER with the ClouZen App

Maximize the benefits of TAINER with the CLOUDER app, which allows you to easily manage and transfer data between your TAINER and smartphone, making backup and file management more efficient and convenient.


Search "ClouzenClouder" from Google Play

iOS App will be available soon


Infinite Backup with Unlimited Connectivity

Unlimited Backup Capacity

TAINER offers unlimited storage space through its excellent connectivity and scalability to various devices. By connecting TAINER to USB memory cards, external storage devices, or docking stations, you can create cost-effective backups that provide unlimited storage capacity for long-term data preservation.

A New Path to Cloud

When connected to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi dongles, or smartphone hotspots/USB tethering, TAINER can easily upload data to the cloud.


This function enables real-time collaboration with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

Reliable Cloud Backup

Conventional cloud uploads are not optimized for large data files, such as high-quality videos, which often result in errors and reliability issues. TAINER provides a reliable solution to safely back up large data files to the cloud. With TAINER, you can upload large files efficiently and compare the checksum value of the original and the copied file to ensure data integrity.

Direct High-Speed Connection for Easy Video Editing

Quick Connection for
Post-Production Work

TAINER features a super-speed C-type USB port that enables seamless data transfer for direct post-production work on computers, laptops, and MacBooks. Acting as an external SSD, TAINER expands limited storage space on these devices, while ensuring smooth work and a fast interface.

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TAINER offers easy-to-use, portable backup solutions for worry-free data storage on-the-go. With TAINER, experience seamless, secure backups without the fear of data loss.

Get Zen, Get ClouZen !

TAINER On-Screen Display

datasheet tainer.png



Rechargeable via USB Type-C cable

3 hours with charger, 5 hours via USB from computer

Battery Run Time

Up to 2 hours from card to internal SSD

Up to 3 hours from card to Cloud

Intenral Battery

3.8V, 3500mAh

Operating Power

5 ~ 7W

Power Input

USB Type-C, 5V. Min 1.8A

Video Preview

XAVC 4K, XAVC 2K, AVC Ultra 4K, AVC Ultra 2K, XF-AVC 4K, XF-AVC 2K, H.264 (.mov), AVCHD 2K, PRORES 4K, PRORES 2K, DNXHD 2K, MPEG 444/422/420, DVCPRO HD

Photo Preview


File System

Memory card: FAT32, exFAT 

* UDF & HFS+ supported at V1.1 or later firmware

Internal drive: exFAT

Cloud Service

Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more

Computer I/F

USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps. USB Mass Storage Class

Internal Drive

M.2 SATA SSD up to 32TB (optional) 

* M.2 2280 form factor required

USB External Drive

USB 3.0 Type-A Host Port

* exFAT format required

Memory Card

SD UHSII (up to 270MB/s)

XQD / CFexpress Type-B (up to 400MB/s)

USB 3.0 card reader (up to 300MB/s)

Ambient Temperature

up to 45 Celsius

Built-in Display

2.4" TFT, 320×240, 64K color


196g / 7oz


106 × 74.3 × 24mm / 4.17 x 2.92 x 0.94 inch


Ethernet (10M/100M/1G)

WiFi Dongle (802.11b/g/n)

USB Tethering (Android/iPhone)

Recommended SSD

1.     WD Blue SA510 SATA SSD M.2 2280

2.     WDS200T2B0B (2TB)

3.     WDS100T2B0B (1TB)

4.     SAMSUNG : 860 EVO Series

* The TAINER's built-in SSD specification is SATA. NVMe SSDs cannot be used for internal storage.

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